Hein Mevissen has a fine ability to pick out the bizarreness and irregularities of everyday life. Hein is able to present them to the point, which often makes us to laugh at ourselves as much as at what we see.
Hein has directed some of MTV's most successful spots and campaigns, such as for MTV UK & Ireland which have been awarded in the USA and he has written and directed MTV Canada's successful spot the "Rocket Live Earth PSA" which was honored with five awards at the 2008 PROMAX Awards, including the highly prestigious "Top 10 Gold Award."

Hein has worked on multiple projects including commercials for Adidas, MTV UK & Ireland, MTV Canada, I Amsterdam, Dutch Horticulture, and Comedy Central all of which were part of incredibly successful advertising campaigns for these esteemed corporations.
Besides directing Hein, founder and creative director at John Doe Amsterdam, writes and designs at John Doe Amsterdam.

Hein has a mind of his own; he is always looking for new daring different areas of excitement that will result in increased revenue.

John Doe Amsterdam